El amor es genial, pero ¿has probado la amistad?

A few Medium stories you may have missed this week

Here’s what we’re reading this week…

I just shut down my first startup. Here’s my retro.” by

, former founder

Lillian Cartwright

We mythologize highways, but they’ve damaged communities of color” by Ryan Reft, author of ‘Justice and the Interstates: The Racist Truth About Urban Highways,’ via

The Irony of Centering White People’s Comfort During Black History Month” by

, womanist scholar and writer, in Cultured

Should You Worry About Gas Stoves?” by

, epidemiologist and writer

You Probably Can’t Hire Stripe’s First COO But Soon You’ll Be Able To Read Her Book” by

, venture capitalist at Homebrew

The Alternative to Performance Reviews for Software Engineers” by

, engineering manager, in Better Programming

Molly Ruby

How ChatGPT Works: The Model Behind the Bot” by

, data scientist, in Towards Data Science

I Could Not See the Future Coming” by

in The Wind Phone

Recommended by

in a response to our last roundup: “This piece about the challenges of a foster child who slipped through the cracks is the first thing I’ve read from Catherine Dunn, but not the last.”

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